Things Lucknowites can do during Lockdown

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While the whole world is under Lockdown situation amid the novel Corona virus Pandemic.

The so called Liberal People protesting against Lockdown in several states of USA has been a normal scene.

Similarly, many pictures came out from London where hundreds of people were spotted enjoying picnic in a park.

Amidst all this hail yourself for being at home, contributing to the fight against the invisible.  Yes, I know you have been bored all these days thinking what to do !
Here are things a LUCKNOWite can do being at home during Lockdown.

Tea Love

The early morning craving for ‘Sharma Ki Chai’  is no real. Not only You, but even I have been missing the lip- smacking tea , but you know what it’s the time you can experiment and make your own special tea. So what are you waiting for, try your self chosen ingredients at the nearest kitchen. And thank me later!

Thoda adab se pesh aao!

‘Ama Miya apni toh baat cheet hi pehle aap se shuru hoti hai ‘ .

Yeah! I know every LUCKNOWite is a born ‘PRO’ when talking about ‘adab’ .

But if you realized, all these years you have been living the busy city life, always running to excel in your field. And between all this you have forgotten to respect yourself, working day and night but rarely thinking if it’s making you happy.

Lockdown has given you time to reward yourself for every good. Take out time, just look in the mirror and ask yourself ‘ Pehle app!’ because it’s time you give priority to your interests.


Ok ! Ok ! I know You have been missing the delicious Lucknowi Cuisines and can’t wait to try them once the lockdown is over !

But till then Excercise and make yourself ready to grab all the food once the lockdown is over!

Watch Some great content!

Well I know you are truly loving the late night binging during the lockdown. But do you know what? There are some Amazing independent content creators in the city too!! Give them a view , you might end up liking their content! Here are few of them –


Zahid Akhtar

Ananya Walia


Vaibhav Navlani


Aman Khare

Family is Love!

Lucknowites are family people and this lockdown has given you time to be with your loved ones. Live it to the fullest spend time with your family. Help your Mom, make her a meal ! Exchange your views with dad on trending topics over a cup of tea. This time won’t comeback!

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