best chole bhature in Lucknow

Five Places that serve Best Chole Bhature in Lucknow

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Chole Bhature is that mouth-watering eatery, no foodie can resist. Although Lucknow is more famous for Awadhi cuisine, you can’t judge a book by its cover. The city has some of the best outlets to have authentic Chhole bhature. In this article we have listed five places that serve best Chole Bhature in Lucknow.

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Shree Lassi Corner

best chole bhature in lucknow

Shree Lassi corner is a 38 year old shop opened in the year 1983. The food outlet is famous for its chhole Bhature and Lassi. The best part of this place is that you can have unlimited refills of Chole. This really matters for a foodie! The Place serves the tastiest Chole bhature in the city. The Chole simply melts in the mouth. You can team up the chole Bhature with a glass of lassi, making it the most delightful experience for your taste buds.

Location– The place is located near Kamla Nehru Marg in Chowk.

Price– The place is a value for money. You can get a full plate of Chola Bhatura for Rs 100.

Shivom The Mithai Shop and Restaurant

best chole bhature in Lucknow

Shivom mithai shop and restaurant is family friendly pure vegetarian food outlet near Alambagh Chauraha. 

The place serves one of the best Chole Bhature in Lucknow. The Chole, garnished with paneer and ginger, are rich in texture and taste great served with fluffy bhature. The place has ample space for dine-in and truly bang for the buck.  

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Location– The place is located on Talkatora Road near Alambagh Chauraha

Price– The Restaurant is reasonably priced. You can get a plate of Chola Bhatura for 90 Rupees.

Bhole Chature

best chole bhature in Lucknow

This Restaurant not only have an attractive name but also offer great in taste chhola bhaturas . The best part of their Chola Bhatura is Paneer stuffed Delhi Style Bhaturas. The chola is topped with ‘lal Aloo’ that enhances the taste even more. Bhole Chature, is a must visit if you are chole Bhature lover.

Location– The Restaurant is located in Patrakarpuram in Gomti Nagar.

Price– The place is reasonably priced. You can get a full plate of Chole Bhature for 90 Rupees.

Sardar Ji ke Mashoor Chole Bhature

The place serves great home like Chole Bhature. The food joint is so famous, that it remains flocked for most of the time in a day. We will suggest you to also try some mouth watering ‘Halwa’ which is another specialty of this food joint. The place is low on budget and offer some great tasting food. You can consider this place for a good Breakfast.

Location- The popular food joint is located near Novelty Cinemas Lalbagh

Price– The place is economically price. One plate off Chole Bhature is priced for 35 Rupees

Bajpai Kachori Bhandar

Serving since 1970, the place is a favourite breakfast destination for lucknowites. The straight joint offers some really spicy Chhole along with fresh bhaturas. The cholas here are so spicy that it can make your eyes water. The place remains Jam packed with customers during afternoon hours. You must visit this place, if you love street style Spicy food. 

Location- The street food joint is located opposite Ram Asrey Sweets in Hazratganj.

Price– The famous food joint is light on pocket. One plate of chole Bhature is priced for 35 Rupees.

So, with this we come to the end of our list for 5 best food joints you can visit, if you are a Chole Bhature Lover! Do comment your favorite place to cure the craving of Chole Bhature.

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