10 Best Tourist Places to visit in Lucknow

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Lucknow is famous for its rich culture, ‘tehzeeb’ and mouth watering culinary practices. The city has not only preserved its rich heritage but also is developing very fast, evolving as mega city of the future India. The capital city has many beautiful parks, shopping malls, historical places, amusement parks, museums. In this article, you will get to know the best places to visit in Lucknow. 

10. Kukrial Picnic spot

tourist places in Lucknow

Kukrail Picnic Spot, A Part of kukrail Reserve Forest, is surely a great visit with friends and family. Kukrail is famous for its crocodile sanctuary. It is a beautiful place to see the Gharials and crocodiles in their natural habitat. Apart from the gharials, Kukrail is also home to many species of Deer including black brown spotted deer and the sambar. The place is great for birdwatching. The picnic spot has a kids play area and a canteen too. 

Away from the city rush, this place can provide you some peaceful time.

9.   Gautam Buddha Park

tourist places to visit in lucknow

This tourist place in Lucknow is a favorite destination for kids. The park has a paddle boat ride, a dedicated play area, and some small rides for kids. The park is located near the Heritage zone near Bada Imambara. The best time to visit Buddha Park is in the evening. 

8. Kala Gaon

best places to visit in lucknow

Kala-Gaon is one of its kind tourist place in Lucknow. You can visit this theme park to experience the village life. Some attractions of Kala Gaon is horse riding, puppet show for kids, story telling sessions and many more fun activities. You are going to love the hospitality in Kala Gaon. The staff is of really welcoming nature. The main highlight of Kala Gaon is its food buffet where you get to experience authentic village style food. You will also learn about local culture, art and craft.

7. Anandi Water Park

Anandi Water Park is the most popular water park of Lucknow city. The park is a great getaway from hot summers in the city. The waterpark has a big wave pool, Rain Disco, artificial water fall and some amazing water rides. The place is surrounded by lush greenery which adds to the experience of the water park and makes it more refreshing. 

6.  Lucknow Zoo 

places to visit in lucknow

Lucknow Zoo is home to around 463 mammals, 72 reptiles, 298 birds. making around 100 species. The Lucknow zoo was established in the year 1921 to commemorate the visit of Prince of Wales in Lucknow. Some of the most popular animals species in the zoo include Orangutan, Royal Bengal Tiger, Asiatic Lion , White Bengal Tiger, Indian Rhinoceros, Himalayan Black Bear. Other attractions include the toy train that started in 1969, the state museum, Folk Arts Museum, Paddle Boating, 3D show, Butterfly Park.

Lucknow zoo is one of the best tourist places to visit in Lucknow, if you have kids with you.

5. Ambedkar Park

tourist places to visit in lucknow

Opened in the year 2008, Ambedkar park was built by the previous chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, Mayawati. The park is a memorial dedicated to the Father of our Indian Constitution, Bhim Rao Ambedkar. 

The main highlight of the park is the Ambedkar stupa. Inside the Stupa are various statues depicting the life and achievements of Dr Ambedkar. The entrance to Ambedkar Stupa is guarded by Sixty two elephant statues known as Pratibimb Sthal. Opposite to the stupa is a museum which has staues of various leaders who fought against social injustice. There is also an 80 feet tall place from where you can see the beauty of the park.

This tourist place in Lucknow is a must visit for its stellar architecture. The park is well maintained and quite clean. So, it can be a good place to hang out with friends and family.

4. Janeshwar Mishra Park

 Opened in the year 2014, Janeshwar Mishra Park is the largest Park of Asia. The park is made in the memory of Janeshwar Mishra. The park has a 25 feet tall statue of Mr Janeshwar Mishra. The place has a big artificial lake and lush greenery which makes it a perfect picnic destination. The park has an open gym, children’s play area, Tennis court, Football ground, a food court. The park has dedicated cycling and jogging track. You can rent a cycle inside the park. The Park also has paddle and gandola boat rides.  The park has various  theme gardens- French Garden , Bamboo Garden, Lilly Pool. Another great attraction of the park is the 207 feet tall Indian flag. Janeshwar Mishra park is one of the best places to visit in Lucknow.

3. Phoenix Palassio

Phoenix Palassio is the newest mall in the City. Opened in the year 2020, Phoenix Palassio mall is one of the largest mall in India. Spread across 13.53 acres of land, the mall has a built up area of around 10 Lakh square feet. The mall introduced 60 new National and international brands in the city. 

The mall has the first IMAX 3D Theatre in the City and also a big food court. Outside the main building of the mall is a tall musical fountain to welcome the customers.

This shopping mall in Lucknow is a must visit for shopoholics!

2. Gomti Riverfront Park

Located near Ambedkar park, Gomti riverfront Park has been a favourite hangout place for youngsters. The Riverfront was constructed during the Government of our previous Chief Minister, Mr Akhilesh Yadav. You can visit this place in the evening and enjoy the beautiful sunset view. 

The Soft music playing throughout the park, sound of the flowing Gomti river and the company of friends or family make this park a perfect place to visit in Lucknow.

1. Bara Imambara 

bara Imambara

No doubt Bara Imambara is the most famous historical monument in Lucknow. The monument was built in 1784 by then Nawab Asaf-Ud-Daula.

The Bara Imambara has one of the largest halls of Asia with no pillar support. At the first floor of the main monument is a web of Passages known as Bhul Bhulaiya. The visitors are advised to take an official guide with themselves while going to the Bhul Bhulaiya. 

Other than the Bhul Bhulaiya, the Bada Imambara premises also has Shahi Bauli. You can check out the article below to know more historical places you can visit in Lucknow

So, these are some of best places to visit in Lucknow, you can visit when in the city. Do let us know what you feel about this article in the comment section below.

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