9 Must Have Men Wardrobe Essential in India

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Fashion is individualistic in nature. Its meaning changes from person to person. An attire that maybe fashionable for someone, may or may not be fashionable for some other person. For some people being in the trend is fashion, and for some feeling comfortable and confident in your attire is Fashion. Whatsoever be the case, there are some basic items that are a must in every man’s closet. In this article, you will get to know some of the basic men wardrobe Essential.

1. A Black Shirt

men wardrobe essential

A black shirt is something that is always in trend.  Whether it be a party look, a casual look, a black shirt works fine in every situation. You can pair the black shirt with chinos or any blue denim jeans. 

A black shirt is something we would suggest in every men’s closet.




2. A White round Neck T-shirt

A white round neck T shirt can be paired with multiple items. You can pair the white round neck T shirt with a check shirt in summers or with a jacket in winters to give a casual look.  Make sure you buy a 100% cotton T-shirt as the more the comfort, more confident you’ll feel.




3. A Black Leather Jacket

Next on the list is a black leather jacket that is a Classic option to wear in any occasion.

A Black leather Jacket can be paired with a white T shirt and a blue denim jeans. It is something that is a must have for its cool yet classy look. An authentic leather jacket may be very expensive. So, you can also go for a look alike that is considerably cheaper and gets the job done. 





4. White Sneakers

Whatever your attire maybe, a white sneaker will match each one of it. Whether you wear jeans or pants, a check shirt or any casual t-shirt, the white sneakers will go well with each of them. Therefore, white sneakers is an important men’s wardrobe essential.





5. A Blue Denim Jeans

Blue denim jeans is one of the most common men wardrobe Essential. Every guy should have atleast one blue jeans in its wardrobe. You can combine a blue denim jeans with different T-shirts and Shirts to give a different look throught the week.





6. A Black denim jeans

Next in the list is a black coloured denim jeans. You can wear a black denim jeans with a contrasting light colour t-shirt or shirt. If You don’t have any of the above two jeans that is Black jeans or blue jeans and you can buy only one of the two right now. Go for the blue jeans first as it suits well with any t-shirt or shirt. 




7. A Pastel Color Shirt 

A person working in office will surely have more than one pastel colour shirt in his wardrobe.

But if you are a student, you still should have at least one pastel colour shirt. Everyone would have faced the situation when you needed a formal dress in urgent, it may be due to an event in college or any other sort of formal function. A pastel Color shirt can be teamed up with a Chinos to get that formal look. 

This may not be that important in a student’s wardrobe. But you may have one in case of urgency.




8. Chinos 

The next in the list is a chino or for say, a well fitted pant. This can be used to get a semi formal or formal look when teamed up with a pastel colour shirt.





9. A Check Shirt 

The next in the list is a check shirt. You can team up this check shirt with a Jeans for a cool and casual look. Or you can also wear it above a solid colour white T-shirt to add layers to your look.





So with this we come to the end of  the list of must have men wardrobe essential. Write us in the comment section below if you have any query. 

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