7 Amazing International borders- You won’t believe Exist!

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Barbed wires, Soldiers guarding the borders! I am sure this is something you might think of , when talking about borders. Well yes most of the borders but not all are the same. You will be stunned to see some of the most unbelieveable yet beautiful and amazing international borders around the world. Where divisions are made just for the sake of name, where the actual motive was never to seperate!


Ever thought of eating at 3 different countries at the same time! This is the ‘Tripoint’ between Slovakia-Austria-Hungary . A place where people from different countries can meet and have a picnic together. A Border that is truly uniting the 3 countries. A border that just emphasizes on how similar the countries and their people are.

Sweden and Norway

The international border between Norway and Sweden is separated by an arch bridge named The Svinesund Bridge . It separates the Norwegian town of Halden from the Swedish municipality of Strömstad .  There is a line on the bridge that indicates that the right side belongs to Norway and the left side Sweden.

The Svinesund Bridge

India-Bhutan Border

Bhutan Gate

Bhutan- India border is the only land access into the Bhutan. The Bhutan gate shown in the picture is an entry point for foreign nationals. The gate divides the towns of Jaigaon in the Indian state of West Bengal and Phuntsholing, in South West Bhutan.

Netherlands – Belgium Border

One foot in Belgium, the other in Netherlands. The Belgium Netherlands border is quite a complicated one. The city of Baarle and Hertog forms a Belgian exclave in the Netherlands. The above picture depicts the same.

USA – Canada Border

Another in the list of amazing international borders is US- Canada border . It is the longest border in the world streching more than 5,500 miles. The above picture depicts an area of its border where trees are removed in a line forming the border for US- Canada

Another one depicting the two countries on either sides divided by only a line on the road.

Spain – Portugal Border

Portugal Spain border is the oldest border in the world. It is almost identical with the one in 1297 by the Treaty of Alcañices.

Argentina – Brazil – Paraguay borders

The Iguazú and Paraná rivers converge at the tripoint dividing the three countries. isn’t this international border a natural beauty!

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