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James Bond

James Bond 007 | Know about the iconic fictional character and its creation

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Since the fictional character first appeared on the big screen in 1992, James Bond has become a worldwide film sensation. With 24 “official” James Bond adventures and 3 “unofficial” films, the franchise can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you are new to the series. Some of these movies remain classics today, while others not so much.

Ian Fleming– Creator of James Bond

Today I am finding out more about arguably the more iconic character of all times the 007 known as James Bond, created by Ian Fleming in 1953 the British Secret Service agent was featured in 12 novels the James Bond novels were also adapted into film making the series was longest-running in the world grossing over seven billion dollars in total the character has proven so successful that the eight other authors have adapted the story in a series of authorised spin-off novels, Fleming said that he planned to write the spy story to end all spy stories and he was right.

Creation of the Iconic Character James Bond

  • James Bond was inspired by an American Ornithologist Fleming.

    Ian chose the name from a book on his shelf Birds of the West Indies written by a Caribbean bird expert called James Bond when asked why his name stood out to him Fleming said it struck him that his brief unromantic anglo-saxon and yet very masculine name was just what he needed, he is also been quoted as saying that he deliberately chose a simple unremarkable name because exotic things would happen to and around him but he would be a neutral figure.

  • Fleming began writing the first Bond novel to distract him from wedding

    he sat down to create his work at his appropriately named Goldeneye estate in Jamaica every Bond novel was written here when he spent two months of every year in Jamaica the first novel Casino Royale was written in part because he was trying to distract himself from his upcoming wedding to his then- girlfriend he clearly had little interest in flowers and seating charts so he needed to start writing the most famous spy novel of all time.

Ian Fleming’s Goldeneye House Jamaica
  • Fleming changed Bond’s firearm because an expert called it a ‘Ladies gun’!

    Geoffrey Boothroyd

    Bond’s weapon of choice was a Beretta  418 for the first five novels but Fleming received a letter from a gun expert criticizing his choice. Geoffrey Boothroyd called bond’s gun a ladies gun and not a very nice lady at that he suggested that Fleming change the firearm to a Walther PPK seven point six- five millimetres . The advice proved to be valuable on bonds gun holster as well as the villains weapon of choice.





Did You Know!

  • 75% of the women Bond has slept with have attempted to kill him.

    Many of the women bond ends up in the bed with just so happened to be deadly assassin. Elektra King tortured Bond with a cot in the world’s not enough. Xenia Onatopp memorably tries to finish him off by strangling him between her thighs in Goldeneye and who can forget bodyguards and thumper in diamonds are forever. Many of the bond girls are honey traps send to bond to distract him but he generally finds enough time to sleep with them before anyone makes an attempt on his life.

  • Daniel Craig’s bond was featured in the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony.

    The London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony was all about celebrating British history and one of the most archetypal British symbol is there a more British James Bond! The Queen Elizabeth II and Daniel Craig teamed up for a sequence at the opening ceremony where the Queen accompanied Bond into a helicopter to escort her to the Olympic Stadium, of course Her majesty  and Daniel Craig had a body double for the parachuting scene !


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