Christopher Nolan: Less Known Facts

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   Born on 30th of July in London, Engand, Christopher Nolan is a renowned English director, screenwriter and producer .Christopher wanted to be a film director from a very young age. Aspiring to become a film maker he went on to study film and English at the University College London where he met his wife Emma Thomas. After paying his dues as a script writer and camera operator, Nolan directed his debut film ‘Following‘ in 1998 this was quickly followed by his first mainstream success Momento,  He has made a total of 10 feature films in his 20-year career and each has been successful in its own right and one of the highest-paid directors in the Hollywood. 

Below are some less known facts about the influential director.




Christopher Nolan in 1988

He started making films at the age of seven . Nolan developed an interest in film making at a very young age of 7 years. He made a film featuring his action figures  from his father’s Super 8 camera. He created a stop-motion animation movie at the age of 8 and titled it Space wars  as can be imagined by its name, it was heavily influenced by his love of star wars. By the time he turned 11 he had decided he wanted to be a professional filmmaker.


Batman City

Mr Christopher was sued by the city of Batman in Turkey in 2008. Nolan and Warner Brothers were sued by the small city of Batman   claiming they used the city’s name without the permission. the Mayor of Batman claimed the city had exclusive rights to the name and they should get royalties every time it’s was used. He was also seeking compensation for the psychological effect Nolan’s movie would have on his residents of course. The lawsuit was dismissed. Many people think it of being a mere publicity stunt although it was never really clear.


    Poster of Christopher’s first feature film

    Christopher funded his first feature film himself after being rejected for funding countless times, Nolan pulled together enough funds to create his 1st feature film 1998 and the movie called following  was filmed with a budget of approximately $4,000 and was shot over the course of a year on the weekends with his friends as the cast, he wrote directed and edited the film himself and produced it along with his wife it received much attention and awards from film festivals and paved the way for his opportunity to the film MOMENTO. Two years later which was his major breakthrough hit number.






Syncopy Inc. Trademark

His production company only has 4 employees!  Christopher set up his own production company in the early 2000s along with his wife called SYNCOPE INC, The company is based in London, England and comprises only four employees including his wife and Nolan himself. Although it is a small organisation but it has worked on some of the biggest films of Nolan’s career including the Dark-knight trilogy, Interstellar & Dunkirk. The only non Nolan film they produced was the 2013 Super-Man Of Steel which bought 668 million dollars at the box office.


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